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Building confidence through self-expression.
Do you, your child, or an older adult in your life enjoy making art and building things? Are you looking for a creative, stress-reducing outlet? A class where you can learn new skills that is accessible for all abilities?
Jennie is available for individual or small group instruction to provide fun, engaging workshops and classes for people of all ages abilities.

Artovert: Where It's Cool to be Quiet

Is your child an introvert: overwhelmed by large groups, distracted by sensory overload, or simply prefers to learn and play independently or in small groups? 


Artovert classes have a minimum of one student and a maximum of four for children ages four and up. Jennie's goals are to foster creativity, nurture individuality, and encourage discovery by building skills, confidence, and freedom of expression.


In a small group setting, Jennie observes children (personality, learning style, strengths, challenges, social/emotional skills), asks how her program can best fit their needs, explores ways to meet those needs, provides support, reflects on the results, and begins again. Jennie enjoys using emergent curriculum, curriculum based on the emerging interests of the children.



Learning the Three Rs Through Art

Are you looking for preschool activities? Do you want your preschooler to learn skills to prepare them for kindergarten? In this class, students will explore the alphabet, handwriting, literature and numbers through hands-on art lessons.

Hammer, Saw, Drill: Woodworking!

Do you, your kids, or older adults in your life like to build things?  In this intro class, learn how to safely use  hand tools-hammers, saws, and drills-to build toys, models, and functional items. For 

more details, visit my woodworking site,


Drawing: Basic Skills

Drawing is a skill that can be learned starting as young as age four. (The dog drawings in the photo above were drawn by preschool children!) In this class, learners will discover how to carefully observe objects and transfer what they see to paper using lines. The step-by-step progression of this class builds confidence and strengthens skills. Concepts covered include line, shape, shading, and perspective.

Click: Photography Connections

Do you, your children, or older adults in your life enjoy taking photos and want to improve your photography skills? In this class, students will explore composition, lighting, perspective, and subject matter.

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