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From Children:


"I am glad I was born now because I got to be friends with Jennie."-Layne, age 4

"I wanna be Jennie when I get big." -Mary, age 3

"You're magical. You make us magical."  -Zi, age 7

"Today is Jennie day. Hooray!"  -Alex, age 4

"I want to stay here. I had a FUN day!"  -Sloan, age 2

"I LOVE my art class!" -Danielle, age 2 1/2

"It is fun being with you!"  -Steven, age 6

"I have learned that everything is art and everything is special."  -Cerise, age 8

Butterfly painting

"The important things I have learned about art are: work with what you got, respect other drawings people have made, that music has art in it too, that all that matters is what you think of your drawing, that you can use about anything to do art, as in your body, markers, pencils, paint, crayons, grass and mud." -Toni, age 9

"You have taught me that you can do anything in your mind and imagination, and you are the best art teacher I have ever had." -Jason, age 8

And from many students of varying ages, "Is today my art class?!"

From Adults:

"I had a dream about you. You were walking on water. And you were teaching the children to walk on water."

- Katie, co-teacher


"An important feature of Jennie's art program allows each child to create their own artwork. It is obvious that self-discovery is an important process which is woven through her curriculum. Jennie is very conscious of her philosophy of education and this is reflected in her practice." -Linda, child care center director

"Jennie has great compassion, love, and a sense of equality in teaching children."  

-Toni, child care center director


"My son has been taking art classes with Jennie several times a week at his daycare for the past year and a half. The number of different theories and styles he has been exposed to as well as the various mediums he has used to create his own artwork has impressed me. Jennie is a remarkable teacher with a kind heart. Her love of teaching art to children is obvious and my son has responded to Jennie's enthusiasm and spends a lot of time at home creating artwork. He enjoys classes with Jennie, talks about what they did at class with great excitement, and enjoys sharing his artwork with our family. I would highly recommend any children's program consider adding Jennie's classes to their curriculum."  

-Jo-Ann, Lebanon, NH


"Jennie is blessed with such patience that allows for all of her students to succeed."  -Dawn, third and fourth grade Montessori teacher

"An important feature of Jennie's art program allows each child to create their own artwork. It is obvious that self-discovery is an important process which is woven through her curriculum. Jennie is very conscious of her philosophy of education and this is reflected in her practice." -Linda, child care center director

"Jennie is always looking for new ways to engage the students' interest in artistic expression. She is a conscientious, hard-working teacher." 
-Peter, third and fourth grade teacher/principal


"My daughter is a student of Jennie Harriman's at a local preschool where Jennie teaches. I could not be happier with all of the art projects that Jennie teaches and exposes the children to. My daughter has done everything from collages, painting with brushes, stamps, and her own two hands, to various coloring techniques, learning to use scissors, learning about shapes, and more. Jennie has even taught them about various artists--my daughter can tell me which painting is by Georgia O'Keefe, and which one is by Mondrian, and she is only three! She shows the children how their own art is individual, how it is beautiful because it is uniquely theirs, but more importantly what their art can do for others. In the two years my daughter has been a student of Jennie's, she has had the opportunity to create artwork with her classmates to help raise money to benefit such causes as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and SafeArt. Children can do so much through and with art when provided with the opportunity. Whether they are only two or twelve years old, children have so much potential when given the chance. They are sponges that soak up new knowledge and love having opportunities to try new things. I feel very grateful to have Jennie teaching my daughter because she provides those opportunities for the children, and helps them grow and keep confidence in themselves. Art is a powerful tool that every child should have access to. Thank you, Jennie!"  -Rebecca, Lebanon, NH


"Jennie is a hard worker, a good critical thinker, and a very responsible and creative art teacher." -Beverly, graduate school advisor

"Jennie is a skilled artist-even her teaching is an art form. But not just the kind of art form that lies there waiting to be viewed. Her art is active, community-based, engaging and socially responsible. Through this community commitment she builds her own personal integrity and creativity."   -Ken, graduate school education advisor

“Jennie is fortunate to have such an amazing talent that encapsulates not only art, but photography, patience, nurturing body language and voice, and the ability to capture a child’s attention... Children are naturally drawn to her...The experiences that she provides build not only on a child’s self-esteem, but also on their language, social interactions, science and mathematical concepts, and their ability to use their imagination for creative expression...I have seen the wonderful and expressive ways she engages the children, while focusing on the child’s developmental level so all children succeed... While Jennie may be an artist, she teaches with a passion for learning, which is then passed on to the children who surround her...Jennie has been a part of this organization for many years ...The classes she has provided to our facility have not only been well received by staff and children, but by the families as well... Jennie can do this for any program.” -Christine S. Langley, Developmental Coordinator, Green Mountain Children’s Center (NAEYC accredited), White River Junction, VT 

"Great class-interesting, clear learning objectives, great examples to use with children."-participant in Teaching Young Children to Draw training

"This workshop gave me tools for breaking down the fundamentals of drawing in a way that preschoolers can understand. I am already impressed by the way the students responded to the first activity we used after part one of the workshop."
-participant in Teaching Young Children to Draw training

"You are the most organized presenter I have ever seen!"-workshop organizer, Burlington, VT

"I just got home from the best workshops I have ever taken. I have worked with the Head Start program for 22 years, and we do training every year, so I want you to know I am serious and I do know what I'm talking about. Thanks for a great day!!" -participant who attended STEMinar trainings inWoodworking with Children and Math and Science Arts. 

"Interactive presentation equals no drowsy participants...very engaging...lots of creative fun...kept my attention, which is usually very difficult!"-teachers who attended a Helping Build Self-Esteem Through Art training

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