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Jennie and preschool child painting with watercolors
"I am glad I was born now because I got to be friends with Jennie."
-Layne, age 4

Art with Jennie is owned and operated by artist, photographer, educator, and author Jennie Harriman.


Jennie has earned both an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and an MA in Early Childhood Education and has been an educator and photographer for thirty years. 

She brings an open-ended, individualized, creativity-driven atmosphere to children's classes and adult trainings, and an easy-going, personalized approach to her photo shoots. Originally from a small town in Vermont, Jennie has established herself as an accomplished art teacher and photographer in surrounding communities and throughout the United States.

Why choose Art with Jennie for classes?


Jennie is a guide, rather than a teacher, whose goals are to foster creativity, nurture individuality, and encourage discovery by building skills, confidence, and freedom of expression. 


She is sensitive to the unique growth and development of children and adults, and gives them the opportunity to freely and creatively express themselves. She helps people find, and become comfortable with, their own ways of creating art. Jennie demonstrates techniques to help build artistic confidence, while understanding that the process of making art is often more important than the product.

Jennie is passionate about using an all-inclusive, anti-bias approach to sharing art. Her unique approach blends using artistic expression for healing with elements from the educational and artistic philosophies and methods of John Dewey, the schools in Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, and Bev Bos. This philosophy encourages people to use their imaginations and have fun, while learning new techniques and exploring the process of making art.

Preschool child painting on a table with a roller
Black and white portrait of preschool girl outside with flowers
Why choose Art with Jennie for photography?


Number one, it is FUN! Jennie likes the creative challenge of working in new and different places and collaborating with people to incorporate their creative ideas into photo shoots.


People, especially children, are receptive to Jennie’s quiet, calm demeanor. Her style can be more artistic than the typical posed school or studio photograph. She makes every effort to provide beautiful and touching portraits that capture unique moments.


Jennie travels to homes, schools, and outdoor locations to provide photography services. People generally feel more comfortable, and children are more cooperative, when they are photographed in a familiar environment. 

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